Grant Application Cycles of 2022


First Cycle


Second Cycle


Third Cycle


Fourth Cycle

Grant application process opens Monday, August 1st and closes Friday, September 30th at 12:00 A.M.

Proposal Review Meeting and distributions to take place in October.

*If need is urgent, please state reason and timeframe in which funds are needed.  Questions may be directed to


Please review the grant request guidelines prior to applying.

Grant Guidelines

The Trust Advisors have set forth the following criterion which must be met by each of the organizations to whom grants are being made.

  • Benefit to Animals.      The Trustees of the Foundation will consider grants that primarily benefit organizations providing services to animals, animal education, and the prevention of cruelty to animals.
  • Local Organizations.    Grants will be made to charitable organizations qualified under IRS Section 501(c) (3) offering said services within Trumbull County Ohio and Mercer County Pennsylvania.
  • Capital Projects.          The Trust Advisors have not limited contributions to specific causes or limited funds to support specific pilot programs but will adhere as closely as possible to the wishes of Jean and Glenn Harnett. The Trustees of the Foundation do not want funds used for ongoing support. In other words, the Trustees insist that the organization which seeks a grant from the Foundation establish that they have the means to support their ongoing operations. A pilot program that adds sustainability to an already well-funded organization will be considered by the Foundation.
  • Finances and Reporting.          Each charity receiving a grant from the Foundation must report back to the Foundation, within a one-year period of time, explaining the way in which the funds granted were spent. All distributions of funds are for restricted use and the grantee will be expected to maintain a separate account that itemizes how the funds were used. A one-year report will be part of any grant proposal to assure that the funds were used for the purpose of the grant.
  • Memory of Glenn & Jean Harnett.      Each organization receiving a grant from the Foundation must make an effort to memorialize the memory of Glenn and Jean Harnett. The Foundation will intentionally seek naming opportunities to fulfill this aspect of grant-making.The gifts that the Foundation makes are a legacy of love and care that Jean provided to animals throughout her lifetime. Nothing made Jean smile more than seeing a happy dog or cat running and playing.
  • Scholarships.       The Trustees believe that funding scholarships for the study of veterinary medicine will support the memory of Jean Harnett and will further the support of animals that can’t help themselves. Scholarships will be considered and awarded at a later date and all proceeds awarded will be paid directly to the university attended by the recipient.