The Glenn and Jean Harnett Private Charitable Foundation

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The Glenn and Jean Harnett Private Charitable Foundation is a private charitable foundation created for exempt charitable purposes under Section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code.


Jean Harnett established the Foundation with Famers Trust Company, as Trustee, and funded the Foundation with gifts from her estate at the time of her death and from her Trust following her death. The original Trust Advisors to the Foundation, Sharon DeFrances, Laurie Saul, Deborah Vendemia, and David Hoso made gifts in memory of Jean Harnett to animal welfare projects in Trumbull County Ohio and Mercer County Pennsylvania and now that the private charitable foundation has been established the trustees are researching gifts for other animal welfare projects and the churches beloved by both Glenn and Jean.


The Trust Advisors have set forth the following criterion which must be met by each of the organizations to whom grants are being made.


  • Benefit to Animals.      The Trustees of the Foundation will consider grants that primarily benefit organizations providing services to animals, animal education, and the prevention of cruelty to animals.
  • Local Organizations.    Grants will be made to charitable organizations qualified under IRS Section 501(c) (3) offering said services within Trumbull County Ohio and Mercer County Pennsylvania.
  • Capital Projects.          The Trust Advisors have not limited contributions to specific causes or limited funds to support specific pilot programs but will adhere as closely as possible to the wishes of Jean and Glenn Harnett. The Trustees of the Foundation do not want funds used for ongoing support. In other words, the Trustees insist that the organization which seeks a grant from the Foundation establish that they have the means to support their ongoing operations. A pilot program that adds sustainability to an already well-funded organization will be considered by the Foundation.